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Apple can remove the Studio Display’s power cable, but you really shouldn’t

By | March 22, 2022

Apple’s new Studio Display is all about looking at the front, but when you flip it around you’ll find a power cable that looks like it could be removed. And if can be — but you really don’t want to do it and you’re going to need a special tool to do it properly.

Apple didn’t say a whole lot about the Studio Display and its power cord during its announcement a couple of weeks ago, but its website does mention that it isn’t designed to be removed. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be removed, of course, and some reviewers have already found that it can be pulled out if enough force is applied. Those working in Apple Stores might have reason to remove the cord more than others, and it turns out that they have a special tool just for that situation.

That tool was shared to Twitter a couple of days ago and is about as low-tech as can be. Technicians essentially wrap the power cord around the tool and pull. It might not be magical, but it’s definitely practical.

It seems likely that this will be required if the power cable breaks, but removing the cable could be necessary when taking the back off the Studio Display, too. Buyers shouldn’t be doing that, of course, but there are plenty of reasons why an Apple Store technical might need to have a poke around in there.

The new Studio Display is one of the best Mac monitors around right now. Prices begin at $1,599 and orders can be placed now.

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