Apple halts all sales in Russian online store as Ukraine invasion continues

By | March 1, 2022

The Apple Online Store in Russia has suddenly halted sales of all products in Russia amidst the ongoing international conflict as a result of Russia invading Ukraine.

Ukranian minister Mykhailo Federov reportedly said ‘thank you Tim Cook’ in response to the news.

Federov has previously called on Apple to stop operating all services in Russia, including the App Store. Many other tech and media companies have already limited the access of state-backed Russian media.

As a result of international sanctions, Apple Pay has already stopped working in the region. Apple has not yet confirmed whether the move to stop sales in the Russian Apple Online Store is a result of company policy, a consequence of sanctions, or merely economic concerns.

Tim Cook showed his support for Ukraine in a tweet last Thursday, but Apple as a company has not yet commented on how it is addressing the situation.

For instance, Apple paused sales in Turkey last year in response to dramatic currency fluctuations. The Russian ruble is experiencing similar disruption this week as investors react to the short-term and long-term impacts to the Russian economy.

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