Apple reveals working from home helped inspire Studio Display

By | March 23, 2022

Apple says that the company’s new 5K 27-inch Studio Display was designed in part in response to a drastic shift in computing that has left people working from home more.

The revelation came in an interview with GQ regarding the new Studio Display and the Mac Studio, from the piece:

If the Mac Studio represents a certain form of wish fulfillment for long-time Apple users – a more flexible desktop than the iMac at a more attainable price than the Mac Pro – then the Studio Display is a totally different proposition. As the company’s first sub-£4,000 monitor to be made in the past decade, its sheer existence is a result of how dramatically computing has changed of late. Just a few years ago, Apple’s answer to hybrid working was basically the iPad Pro.

Apple’s senior product marketing manager Colleen Novielli said “Before, many people were happy with their notebook experience, because they had a desktop at work and would only work for a little bit at home. Now people want a big beautiful display on their desk.”

The company also revealed that its new Studio Display uses special force canceling reverse technology in its six-speaker surround sound system, in order to stop the display from vibrating under the power of its speakers.

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