ASUS ProART B660 Creator, Affordable Alder Lake Accommodations

By | March 28, 2022

DDR4, PCIe 5.0 And Two 2.5 GigE As Well

The Intel B660 chipset removes your ability to overclock the CPU but does let you overclock memory making it a good choice for someone looking for a reliable motherboard that can accept a variety of RAM frequencies and doesn’t have the same cost as Z690 motherboards.  The power delivery on the ASUS ProART B660 Creator D4 is 12+1 with some serious cooling provided by those heatsinks which should ensure stability.  Storage includes the usual four SATA ports as well as two M.2 ports of which one is PCIe 4.0 and the second 3.0.  There is no WiFi, but two 2.5 GigE is a very nice consolation.

The Guru of 3D tested the motherboard in a variety of ways, including comparing the performance of the APU on the i9-12900K to similar motherboard.  The USB-C gets a workout as does the network.  Take a peek here.

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