Audi Apple Music integration gives direct access in 2022 models

A new Audi Apple Music integration means that owners of almost all 2022 models will be able to play the streaming music service directly from the built-in infotainment system. No connection to your iPhone is needed. The company says that existing owners of 2022 models will also get the feature, via an over-the-air update … The company made… Read More »

Musk mocks Apple over return to office delay with bizarre meme

A tweet by Elon Musk mocks Apple over the company’s announcement of a further delay to the next phase of its return-to-office plans … Background Most Apple corporate employees were originally set to return to the office in September of last year, after more than a year of remote working due to the pandemic. The hybrid approach would… Read More »

Apple union-busting charges filed at Atlanta and WTC stores

A second Apple union-busting charge has been filed against the company, alleging that the company has violated multiple federal laws at the World Trade Center store. A previous charge of violating the National Labor Relations Act related to Apple’s response to unionization efforts at an Apple Store in Atlanta … Background We first learned of retail staff plans to… Read More »

How to add music to your Apple Watch

Knowing how to add music to your Apple Watch is useful if you ever want to listen to music on your Apple Watch and have the ability to leave your iPhone at home. watchOS 8 lets you automatically add certain music, as well as pick and choose which albums and playlists you want on your best Apple Watch.… Read More »

AirPods Pro 2 could be the sleeper hit of Apple’s iPhone 14 event

By the time Apple gets around to releasing the second-generation AirPods Pro this fall, it will have been some three years between updates. But the latest rumors suggest they will be worth the wait. According to LeaksApplePro (writing for iDropNews), the upcoming AirPods Pro will bring several high-end audio features to separate them from the recently released third-generation… Read More »

5 Apple Watch features we want in watchOS 9

The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world—not the most popular smartwatch, the most popular watch. Its success is due in no small part to the way older models get better every year with the annual watchOS update. We expect watchOS 9 to release this fall, along with a new Apple Watch Series 8. But… Read More »