Level announces the Keypad, a phone-free way to unlock its smart locks

By | March 3, 2022

Level has announced its latest smart home product, this time bringing people a new smart keypad that can be used to unlock the company’s locks and bolts without the need for a phone.

Available to buy from the Level website for $79, the Level Keypad’s real claim to fame is the fact that it can be installed pretty much anywhere. It’s weatherproof, so that isn’t a concern, and it doesn’t need to be installed on the door that it will unlock — giving the ultimate in flexibility.

Like all good keypads, the Level Keypad can be used by anyone who had a code and those codes can be set up using an iPhone app. Need to give someone temporary access? Create them a six-digit code and they can unlock doors as they need and then access can be revoked just as easily, too.

Level lists the following main features:

  • Access without phones or keys – with easy to create and share four to six-digit key codes, guests
    have a simple and convenient way to enter the home.
  • Controlled entry system – homeowners can pick who, when, and what days a code can be used
    on the home, giving control and insight on when people enter and leave the residence.
  • Maintain entryway design – Level Keypad is battery-powered, weatherproof, and connects to
    any Level Lock via Bluetooth, so it can be subtly installed anywhere within 30 feet of the device,
    freeing the entryway of additional bulk and giving homeowners complete design control.

Those who already have a Level setup can just add the Keypad without any fuss and installation is easy. Anyone who is buying a new lock at the same time as their Keypad can save $20 into the bargain as well.

The only negative here is that the Keypad only comes in one color, but the fact that it can be isntalled almost anywhere helps out there. If you already have Level’s locks, the Keypad might just be a no-brainer.

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