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By | July 3, 2022

When you need a partner who understands delivering cloud-based solutions to simplify Mac cloud services for businesses, you need to turn to MacStadium. MacStadium’s suite of advanced software-enabled infrastructure, combined with its innovative technology, delivers security, performance, reliability, and flexibility to its customers. With MacStadium, you can create, build, test, or manage your iOS or macOS projects with its simple, secure, and scalable Mac solutions. MacStadium is always looking to give its customer more choices with Apple hardware, so they’re excited to announce that the Mac Studio is coming soon to its platform.

Kubernetes on Apple using Orka

Powered by MacStadium, Orka (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple) is the only virtualization layer available for Mac build infrastructure based on Docker and Kubernetes technology. Orka brings simplicity and scalability to developers building for macOS and iOS devices. With Orka, you’ll spend less time dealing with operating systems, tinkering with servers, or installing applications, and spend more time building great apps for your customers (internal and external). Orka makes it simple for DevOps teams to support developers using the same Kubernetes-based tools and workflows that they use to support every other development team in the company.

New with Orka 2.0 is beta support for Apple Silicon within an Orka cluster – either in combination with Intel-based nodes or in a purely ARM-based cluster. Orka users can target builds and tests on both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs from the same Orka environment, helping dev teams transition from one architecture to the other.

Virtual Command

Coming in 2022, MacStadium’s Virtual Command platform is designed to connect and manage your macOS computing environment. Virtual Command allows you to access, unify, and manage your workspaces wherever they may be, from any device. The end result is your Mac readily available in a single view customized for you.

Virtual Command allows you to manage large groups of end-users, assigning them to pre-configured on-demand macOS desktops. Administrators can bulk import user lists, email invitations to new users, and customize which remote desktop configurations each user, or group of users, is allowed to access.

You’ll have simplicity in management while remote workers have a Mac desktop without needing dedicated hardware. The end result is better security, easier onboarding, and easier management.

Customer quotes

MacStadium has been a trusted partner, don’t just take our word for it. Here are some quotes from ACTUAL MacStadium customers:

“It was nice to have a partner that allowed us to focus on providing the software and the tools as opposed to dealing with the hardware.”

“We experienced a total of 75% better build time with the improvements we were able to see with MacStadium and remote caching.”

“It’s really important to have reliable infrastructure that you can trust, and with MacStadium, we have more expertise available to us for Macs.”

“The turnaround time on MacStadium is extremely fast; half a dozen new machines can be stood up in a matter of hours.”

“The interactive labs powered by MacStadium gave Jamf the opportunity to pioneer new technology and offer a first of its kind experience for Mac admins.”

“We could re-provision our whole fleet of VMs in ten minutes now which is awesome since we can accommodate changes a lot easier.”

Learn more about why it is trusted by iOS developers, mobile testing teams, and DevOps engineers at thousands of companies around the world by checking out its customer case studies.

Looking for a new career?

MacStadium, located in the heart of the Atlanta tech hub, is growing to meet demand! If you’re interested in paving the future of cloud technology for macOS, please visit MacStadium’s career portal.


MacStadium serves industry leaders across multiple sectors, including some of the world’s most recognized enterprises in the more demanding environments. MacStadium provides a complete Mac toolkit for app development, Apple workspaces, DevOps, and beyond. Learn more about what MacStadium can offer your business, and for those that want to go straight to the tech docs, they’re freely available.

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