Mint users can finally link their Apple Cards again

By | February 25, 2022

Source: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

Apple Card owners can once again link their credit card with the Mint budgeting service after the integration was removed following various issues.

While Apple Card has its own money and spending tracking built into the Wallet app, Mint is one way for people to take control of their finances in a way that might not be possible otherwise. And while Apple Card was supported by Mint out the gate, that support was removed following a run of issues. Now, 9to5Mac reports that the integration is once again available to all.

To access this feature, go into the Mint app and connect your account to link your Apple Card. This will prompt you to log in with your Apple ID and password. By doing this, Apple is sharing your card balance, credit limit, available credit, APR, and transaction history with Mint. For extra security, users will need to re-authorize access every 90 days. Setting up two-factor authentication is also recommended.

However, the same report notes that the information provided to Mint “isn’t as detailed as others” although it’s clearly better than nothing.

Apple Card is still only available to people in the United States although it does seem to only be a matter of time before the credit card is made available internationally. Apple will require a banking partner in order to get the credit card off the ground, adding complication to the process.

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