Readdle, the Ukrainian developer of productivity apps, reassures customers service is unaffected amidst Russian attack

By | February 25, 2022

Ukrainian developer Readdle has issued a statement to assure users of its productivity apps that service will not be disrupted as a result of the ongoing Russian attack on the country.

Readdle, makers of some of the App Store‘s most popular apps including Spark email, Scanner Pro, and Documents issued a statement that says while the company was founded in Ukraine and has people in two of its cities, customer-facing services will not be impacted by Russian aggression.

Igor Zhadanov, Readdle Founder and CEO says “All critical Readdle infrastructure is up and running and there will be no disruptions to anything customer facing as a result of the complex situation in Ukraine”

The developer notes that it had plans in place should an attack happen and has now implemented them to help its people.

At this time, Readdle’s primary focus is the safety and well-being of our team members and their families. In the weeks leading up to this act of aggression against Ukraine, we have been ensuring that our team members and operations were as well-prepared as possible. We developed plans to deal with various scenarios and we were ready to implement financial and other support for our team members at short notice.

Ukraine is currently under a sustained attack by Russia following weeks of uncertainty.

Todays’ statement by Readdle follows a similar one by developer Macpaw yesterday.

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