Reddit’s iOS app ads a new ‘Discover’ tab for find new content and communities

By | February 24, 2022

Reddit has today announced a new Discover tab in its iPhone and iPad app in an attempt to help people more easily find new communities and content to enjoy.

The move means that the official Reddit app now has a new Discover tab at the bottom of the screen that, when tapped, will display content that the app things is relevant. Users can also then drill down using tags at the top of the screen or search instead.

“We’re ushering in a new era of discovery on Reddit, with images and video top of mind,” said Jason Costa, Director of Product for Content and Communities at Reddit. “We’re making discovering relevant content and communities more intuitive with the Discover Tab. It’s a great new way for people to explore and engage with hundreds of thousands of communities around the world.”

Reddit has also announced Community and Profile Drawers, areas where people can more easily edit their profiles and see information about the communities that they’re already enjoying.

While the Profile Drawer gives people easier ways to edit their own profile, Reddit says that its Community Drawers have four distinct sections.

  • “Moderating entry points” in which moderators can see their mod feed, mod queue, and the subreddits they moderate.
  • “Your communities” where the communities redditors subscribe to can be sorted and customized;
  • “Following” which shows redditor accounts a user follows;
  • The “r/all” entry point

The updated app is now available in the App Store and those who don’t yet have it installed can download it for free , now.

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