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Report: Apple might finally be ready to kill off its Apple Watch Series 3

By | March 21, 2022

A new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that App,e might finally be getting ready to kill off the zombie product that is the Apple Watch Series 3. The reason, Kuo says, is a lack of support for watchOS 9 that is likely to ship later this year.

Many had expected Apple to ditch its Apple Watch Series 3 when the Apple Watch Series 7 shipped last year, but that didn’t happen. The current Apple Watch SE is a better buy than Apple Watch Series 3 and has been for some time, but now Apple might finally be getting ready to put its aging wearable out to pasture. Kuo says that the next major release of watchOS simply won’t be supported by Apple Watch Series 3 because it won’t have the required processing power.

Kuo shared the observations via Twitter today.

Apple’s current watchOS 8 does support Apple Watch Series 3, but that now seems likely to change when watchOS 9 is announced at WWDC22. All being well, that’s likely to happen in June although we don’t yet know whether it will be an in-person affair or an online-only event as it has been the last couple of years.

The suggestion that the older Apple Watch Series 3 won’t be able to handle watchOS 9 is an exciting one, too. That would suggest that Apple has new features or capabilities in mind that would push the older watch beyond its limits. While watchOS 8 has improved since its introduction in 2015, most would agree that it’s time for a leap in capabilities in terms of apps and more.

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