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Sony’s making it easier to share PS5 screenshots and videos using its iPhone app

By | February 24, 2022

Source: Jennifer Locke / iMore

Sony is finally making it easier for people to share their PS5 screenshots and video captures to social media including Twitter and Facebook via their PlayStation app.

Available for free via the App Store, the PlayStation app will need to be linked to the PS5 in question, but assuming that’s all squared away the process of sharing captures will be largely automated. Sony says that captures will automatically upload to the cloud — all screenshots and videos that are less than three minutes long and lower resolution than 4K are supported — and the PlayStation app will then allow them to be shared.

Sharing can presumably be done to your social network of choice including Twitter and TikTok or just sent to friends via iMessage.

By enabling this feature, your PS5 console will begin to auto-upload game captures to the cloud. Your captures of games will then be available in PlayStation App for 14 days after they are created on your PS5 console. The following captures will be uploaded:

  • Gameplay videos under 3 minutes long that are non-4K.
  • Screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts.

Beyond having the PlayStation app linked to your PS5, the only other requirement is that the console be set up to spend its time in rest mode and stay connected to the internet. That would suggest that much of the background magic will be done while the console isn’t actively being used.

The new capture sharing features are live in Japan and the Americas, with Sony saying that those in other countries can look forward to an expansion soon.

Those interested in learning more about how everything will work can check out the Sony PlayStation FAQ for more info.

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