The Mobile Thanko TL 5:16 Display

By | February 11, 2022

Can A Dedicated Display Make Twitter Better?

The Thanko TL Display was built with a purpose in mind, though it looks like it could also be of use for coders that want to see their script on one monitor and watch the effects of it running on a different display.  The oddly shaped 5:16 display runs at a 400×1280 resolution and measures 7.9″ diagonally.

The display ships with a stand that let’s you use it in either portrait or landscape modes depending on how you put the monitor to use.  For instance displaying hardware information would look better in landscape, whereas Twitter definitely would not.  If you have a need for a small secondary monitor keep an eye out for it for sale.  Ars Technica couldn’t find it in North America, overseas it would run around $100.

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