Tim Cook tells Italians ‘how great the impact of technology can be’ in a new magazine

By | February 28, 2022

Source: Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Apple CEO Tim Cook has penned a lengthy piece for the first issue of a new technology magazine. The Italian magazine is available online and in stores now.

In the piece for Login, first spotted by 9to5Mac, Cook explains how he feels that young people are now able to shape their future using technology, whether that’s based around privacy, health, or something else.

Cook also told a story about an Italian who wrote to him to say his Apple Watch discovered a heart condition, allowing him to begin treatment.

Our commitment to humanity is also why Apple invests more than ever in health. Just recently, I received an email from a 29-year-old in Rome who told me he was being treated for a serious heart condition discovered only because his Apple Watch detected an irregular heartbeat and warned him. His story, as well as many others like it, reminds us of how great the impact of technology can be, even in saving lives, when, in designing it, we put people at the center.

Beyond the products it creates, Apple is committed to building an ecosystem of innovation where people have the ability to develop their biggest ideas to improve our lives.

The full story is worth a read — especially if you speak Italian and don’t have to rely on machine translation — and can be found both online and in stores now.

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