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Twitter now lets you create your own GIFs using your iPhone’s camera

By | March 22, 2022

Twitter has announced a new feature that makes it easier for people to create and share their own animated images, essentially GIFs.

As of right now, Twitter users can create and then share their own GIFs using nothing more than the camera that’s attached to their iPhone. The move was announced via the Twitter Support account and is as simple as opening the camera view in-app and selecting the option to create a GIF.

Ok GIFs aren’t new but what is new is the option to capture your own using the in-app camera on iOS.

Twitter continues to make tweaks and subtle improvements to its iOS app amid ongoing competition from third-party alternatives. Whether Twitter is the best iPhone app for reading and posting to the social network is up for debate, but it’s wonderful to see features like this being added. The resulting GIF actually looks to be pretty good quality as well, making the feature even more useful to those who want to share something less fancy than a real video.

Don’t yet have the Twitter app installed? You can download it from the App Store right now. It’s free and all you’ll need in order to use it is a Twitter account.

Now that Twitter has added this feature we can all get back to arguing about whether it’s a hard or soft “G” at the beginning of GIF!

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